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Gozo nature show

Mother Nature show is always the best

Maybe I’m the worst photographer in the world. But for Mother Nature show the best one is not strictly required. Picture taken today along the Xwejni coastal road….

Zebbug Sunset

Sunset in Zebbug

Photo of sunset taken from Triq Ghain Mhelhel, Zebbug. There is a steep road coming down from Zebbug to Xwejni Bay. Nice and usually very quiet spot to…

Il-Qolla l-Bajda Battery

Il-Qolla l-Bajda Battery

According to the info board available on site, this battery was built in 1716 and was mounted with six guns. During the World War II it served as…

Il-Qolla l-Bajda (The White Hillock)

Located between Obajjar Bay and Xwejni Bay,  Il-Qolla l-Bajda is a symbol of this part of the island. Note as the very top section looks like made of a different material….

Reqqa Point

Rough sea at Reqqa Point

Reqqa Point is a very popular dive site. Even when the season, or the whether conditions, are not suitable for diving activities, it has always something to offer….

Keep out of salt pans

Keep out of Salt Pans!

May is more associated with summer, especially under the 38° parallel. But it’s not summer. It’s just, wonderfully, spring. Not the right day for salt harvest at Xwejni even…

Tas Salvatur distant

Tas-Salvatur seen from Wied l-Infern

There is a statue of the Risen Christ in Gozo locally known as Tas-Salvatur. It’s at the top of Tal-Merżuq Hill and it was always connected to popular religious myth and legend….

Salt Pans Rough Sea

Rough sea at Xwejni salt pans

It could be already the right time for the first harvesting of the season at Xwejni salt pans! But in April, Mother Nature still claims her space. Xwejni salt…