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New Wardens

New wardens at Mġarr harbour?

Everybody, in Gozo, knows that it’s  not easy to find a place to park a car at Mġarr harbour. Gozitans leave their car at Mġarr harbour and then get the…


Munxar parish church

The Munxar parish church was built between 1914 and 1925 so it tooks 11 years to complete. It’s a small building,  vaguely baroque, made with the Maltese primary building…

Sanap Cliffs directions

Stunning view at Sanap Cliffs

Fancy a superb seaview and a nice walk along the Gozo coastline? OK, Snapp Cliffs, within the  Munxar area, is the right place for you! There is a well…

Ta Sarraflu

L-Għadira ta’ Sarraflu (The Sarraflu Pond)

L-Għadira ta’ Sarraflu in English should sound like “The Sarraflu Pond”. It’s located in Triq tal-Misraħ, Kercem. From the center of Kercem, or even from the hamlet of Santa…

Santa Lucija church

Santa Lucija, rustic and peaceful with picturesque charm

Santa Lucija is officially part of the Local Council of Kercem but I noted it’s actually more than just an hamlet. It looks more a small country village on…

Reqqa Point

Rough sea at Reqqa Point

Reqqa Point is a very popular dive site. Even when the season, or the whether conditions, are not suitable for diving activities, it has always something to offer….

Keep out of salt pans

Keep out of Salt Pans!

May is more associated with summer, especially under the 38° parallel. But it’s not summer. It’s just, wonderfully, spring. Not the right day for salt harvest at Xwejni even…

Tas Salvatur distant

Tas-Salvatur seen from Wied l-Infern

There is a statue of the Risen Christ in Gozo locally known as Tas-Salvatur. It’s at the top of Tal-Merżuq Hill and it was always connected to popular religious myth and legend….

Ponies Gozo

Ponies and Shetland horses at Gozo Racecourse

Not just the classic trotting horses the at Gozo Racecourse. Ponies with sulky, gallop. In the featured images Spirit beats Eleanor in the 3rd race. Shetland horses are very…

Gozo Racecourse

Gozo Racecourse at Ta’ Xhajma

Gozo has its own racecourse. It’s at Ta’ Xhajma between Nadur and Xewkija and and has a classic 1 km  track. It’s managed by GHRA. Ticket costs €4  (racecard…