Another sunset in Xagħra

Yet another sunset from Xagħra

Photo taken from Xagħra, Gozo on December 3th. The red light of the sun reflected on the dark clouds. The Moon was ‘bigger’ than usual that day but not…

Fougasse Xatt L-Ahamar

The Fougasse at Xatt L-Ahmar

It may looks just a huge hole into the rock but in the past has been used as a weapon. The Fougasse is a sort of mortar.  The hollow…

Sulla Coronaria

Sulla coronaria in Gozo

It was not so easy to identificate this flower. First I thought it was the so called Field Gladiolus but I was wrong. These flowers are among the…

Trotting Horse in Gozo

Trotting horse on open road

Trot races are so popular in the Maltese islands. Even Gozo has a Racecourse located at Ta’ Xhajma. It’s absolutely frequento to meet racehorses trotting on open roads….

Algae makes the sea waves black

Black sea waves at Qbajjar Bay

A some kind of algae makes the sea waves in black color at Qbajjar Bay in a windy day. I’ll try to get more info about this plant.

il-Qolla s-Safra

Il-Qolla s-Safra or the Yellow Hillock

Hillock or small hill. In italian it could be ‘la montagnola gialla, o il poggio giallo’. Similar to the Il-Qolla l-Bajda I suppose, but the colour of course is…

Gozo Yellow flowers

Gozo yellow flowers

This is the time of the year when Gozo becomes yellow. Wherever you are, but especially in the countryside of course, you can spot those fields full of…

Ramla Valley watercourse

Ramla Valley watercourse

Ramla Valley seasonal watercourse, or the watercourse of Il-Wied tar-Ramla l-Hamra depends on rainfall. It’s an ephemeral riverbed that contains water only during the rainy period of the year….

Sheeps on the road to Hondoq Bay

Sheep on the road to Hondoq Bay

I found just one car going down to Hondoq Bay today morning. Much more sheep! This is the wonderful Gozo! I love the quite winter months. There is also…

Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral Fungus rock

Fungus Rock or Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral

Fungus Rock, known in Maltese as Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral, is an islet overlooking the black lagoon of Dwejra. It is part of the iconic scenery with the famous Azure Window and it’s…