This is the time of the year when Gozo becomes yellow.

Wherever you are, but especially in the countryside of course, you can spot those fields full of yellow flowers.

It’s a really fantastic scenery,  mostly if you realize it’s just February.

I’m not a flowers expert,  but I tried to get some more info.

Basically there are two main kinds of yellow flowers:

The Glebionis coronaria is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family. It’s known as ‘Yellow daisy‘ or more frequently ‘Crown daisy‘ in english, or ‘Margherita gialla‘ in italian. Maltese: Lellux.

It’s a typical field flower.

Yellow Daisy

The Oxalis pes-caprae, locally known as ‘Ingliza‘ or ‘ħaxixa Ingliża‘. The italian name is Acetosella Gialla, in english is known as Cape Sorrel or Bermuda Buttercup.

It usually stands at the border of the country roads, close to the drywalls. But I have seen other photos where these flowers carpet entire fields.

Oxalis pes-caprae

Photos taken down the road to Xlendi.

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