Ta’ Kenuna Tower is a semaphore tower on the cliffs near Nadur on the island of Gozo, Malta. It was built by the British in 1848, as one of three semaphore towers in Malta. The tower was restored in 2005, and it now houses as a beacon to warn ships of their proximity to land, as well as a number of communication antennas. More info at Wikipedia.org.

It’s at the top of the hill and from there one can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole island plus the Islands of Comino and Malta as well.

View of Comino and Malta from Ta' Kenuna Tower.

View of Comino and Malta from Ta’ Kenuna Tower.


There is also a small botanical garden but, if I have to be fair, I found it in bad condition. Anyway, I prefer to not publish any photos as maybe it a seasonal problem (middle May) or something else. I always support Gozo and I would like to be sure before have a more serious say about that.


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