Marsalforn maybe is the most popular tourist resort in Gozo. It is well served with hotels and restaurants. The sea front is wide.

Tourism, in fact,  is becoming the dominant source of employment for the local people.  For many years it has been a small fishing village but times change.

Motor and sailing boats are plenty and the village is also a popular dive center. There is just a small sandy beach surrounded by hotels but other spots both for swimming and snorkeling are available.

Definitely it’s pretty much touristic with the good and bad things that this entails.

In summer.

But what about the winter?

In winter, the bay is very quite and only a few residents remain.

It returns to its quiet origins. Fisherman repair their nets after their work. Vibrant nightlife is over. Some restaurants are closed, especially in January and February.

I would say, in winter it’s pleasantly quite. Maybe the better season, even if it depends also on the … season of your life.

Only the sea, sometimes, makes his voice louder.

Rough sea is always fascinating, a force of nature not under the human control.

Enjoy this, hopefully, nice photo taken from the Calypso Hotel in a very windy day.



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