Located between Obajjar Bay and Xwejni Bay,  Il-Qolla l-Bajda is a symbol of this part of the island.

Note as the very top section looks like made of a different material. As well explained on the Info Board available on site, the conical shape is the result of sub-aerial erosional process which have acted on the island for the past five millions years.

Xwejni Bay is a nice place to spend a day. Clear waters and a pebble beach, very Gozitan style. It’s suitable for many types of water sports including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.

There are three restaurants close by:  Horizon Restaurant, Qbajjar Restaurant and the brand new I Toscani.  Chez Amand is now closed, at least in the old premises. Maybe Amand went back home to Belgium?

You can also visit the Il-Qolla l-Bajda Battery (in Maltese Batterija tal-Qolla l-Bajda).


Il-Qolla l-Bajda Info Board

Info board available on site


From the top of the hillock one can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area. For example an unusual view of the salt pans.

Salt pans from Il-Qolla l-Bajda

Salt pans view from Il-Qolla l-Bajda


A closer view of Il-Qolla l-Bajda. Stratification of different materials is even more evident here.

Il-Qolla l-Bajda closer view

A closer view. taken at the very top of the hillock



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